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Phycological Services


Algal Taxonomy

All identifications are made to the lowest practical level.

Algal Enumeration:

When a quantitative analysis of the algal community in a sample is required, an algal identification and enumeration can be requested. Counts can be performed on only a single group of algae (i.e. cyanobacteria) or on the entire algal population. Results for each species will be recorded in natural units/mL (cells, colonies, filaments) and cells/mL. Numbers for each group of algae (i.e. diatoms, green algae, cyanobacteria) will be tallied as well as the total sample cell density.

Phycology Classes

GreenWater Laboratories now offers private algal taxonomy workshops, to be held on site at GreenWater Laboratories in Palatka (groups under 4) or in your own facilities.

Andrew Chapman is a skilled phycologist and has been conducting workshops for over 10 years. Workshops typically take place over 1-3 days. Please email Andrew to find out more about this opportunity.

Andrew Chapman


Isolation & Culture of Algae:

GreenWater Laboratories has the capability and the facilities to isolate algal species from field samples and grow them in unialgal cultures. A growth chamber with temperature and light control allows growth at optimal conditions.

GreenWater Laboratories also maintains a culture collection of cyanobacteria, including Cylindrospermopsis and Microcystis.


Analysis Request

Please fill out the linked Analysis Request Form and ship it with your samples. This will also serve as a chain of custody (COC).

Description of

The linked document explains some of our services, including descriptions of the different types of analyses we conduct.


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