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How can GreenWater Laboratories help you?

Do you have harmful cyanobacteria or algae?

Let us take a look! We can tell you if you have potentially toxigenic (PTOX) cyanobacteria.

Do you know which toxins you need to test for?

Go to our toxin analysis page to find out more on our detection limits and testing service recommendations.

If you have any questions, our scientists are here to assist.

Please contact us by phone, email, or through our contact form.

Send Us Samples

Sending a water sample is as easy as following these steps.

1. Description of Services​

Please review our description of services to make sure you choose the correct test to achieve your goals. This explains some of our services, including the different types of analyses we conduct.


2. Set up a Water Sample Kit

Follow these instructions to set up your sample kit, if you don't have the right supplies you can also order one here.

3. Water Sampling Instructions​

Read our water sampling instructions to ensure you collect a high quality sample. It includes how to sample a bloom, how to package samples and how to ship to our Lab.

4. Chain of Custody Form​

Finally, for all sample submissions, complete the COC (Chain of Custody) form.
The form must be shipped with your sample.

The sampling instructions above are specific to water samples, if you need to send a different sample, please follow these links:

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to call or email for further assistance.

Cyanotoxin Reference Standards


A Source for Reference Standards

CyanoLab produces and provides a variety of algal toxin standards for research purposes, including microcystins and cylindrospermopsin. These standards are isolated from cyanobacterial sources and purified in strictly controlled environments to >95% purity.

Order Form & Current Stock​

Order cyanotoxin standards online here.
The analytes shown represent reference standards currently in stock, other standards will be added as they become available.
We will contact you when your order ships.​

Professional GreenWater Lab photos by Brant Sanderlin/Berry College

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