Setting up a Sample Kit

We encourage clients to use supplies on hand to collect and ship samples as it is faster and more environmentally friendly than ordering a sample kit.
For water samples collected from a pond, lake, or stream, preservatives are not required and the below instructions can be used.

What you will need:

  1. Ice packs to keep samples cool in transit to our laboratory.
    • These can be purchased at many local stores
    • Freeze the night before sample collection
  2. Bottles (plastic) for collecting the water sample.
    • This can be any plastic bottle commonly used to hold drinks. Please rinse the bottle thoroughly with tap water before bringing in the field.
    • Once in the field, rinse the bottle with lake/stream water 3 times prior to final sample collection.
  3. Cooler (hard, soft, or Styrofoam)
    • Hard-sided cooler:
        • Can be sent without additional packaging (FedEx preferred; UPS adds additional charge for coolers not in a box)
        • Hard coolers are typically returned to you as a courtesy (does not apply to international shipments)
    • Styrofoam coolers:
        • Ship in a cardboard box to prevent cooler breakage
        • Will not be returned to you unless you provide the return label
    • Soft sided coolers:
        • Ship in a cardboard box to prevent sample breakage
        • Will not be returned to you unless you provide the return label
  4. Permanent Marker
    • The bottles need to be clearly labeled with a Sample ID (such as the lake name) and the date collected.
  5. Plastic bag with our filled out COC (and prevent it from getting wet).

For more information, follow sampling & shipping instructions outlined here.

In the event you need a Sample Kit with bottles (with or without preservative) sent to you, there is an initial $40 charge for supplies and ground shipment. For revolving shipments (e.g. monitoring projects), a lower fee will be applied after the initial shipment. To order a sample kit, please use the below order form.

Please call or email if you require different sampling supplies or preservative or if you have any questions.

Sample Kit Order Form

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